Originated from Germany,Fingode is one of the high-end brand of new plastic piping & heating system products company in Germany. In the past 30 years, we have developed steadily. Our products are widely used in HVAC, bathroom and gas pipeline industries, whether in government bidding for construction In engineering construction, or in the daily use of civil buildings and homes, it enjoys high quality evaluation and industry prestige. German quality is the golden signboard of Germany. "Made in Germany" is not just a reflection of quality and craftsmanship. It relies on a set of national, EU and even global quality standard systems, which Fingode strictly complies with. In terms of industry product quality standards, it meets the DVGW (German Gas and Water Industry Association) certification requirements of the German TüV Rheinland Group. The product quality standards far exceed international standards, such as aluminum-plastic composite pipes and multi-layer oxygen barrier pipes and pipe fittings fitting) strictly comply with the ISO 21003 product quality standard; single-layer cross-linked polyethylene pipe and fittings (PEX pipe & fitting) strictly comply with the ISO 15875 product quality standard; single-layer heat-resistant polyethylene pipe and pipe fittings, commonly known as floor heating pipes (PE -RT pipe & fitting) strictly abide by the ISO 22391 product quality standard; we strictly control the quality, and have always implemented the policy of "quality is the foundation of enterprise survival and development" (German Qualität ist die Grundlage für das Überleben und die Entwicklung von Unternehmen ), committed to realizing the corporate vision of "warming thousands of households with heart" (Erwärmen Sie die Herzen von Tausenden von Familien in German). Since its establishment, the company has established a large family relief fund, which is mainly used to pay for the company's employees and their family members who suffer from major diseases or unexpected accidents. The purpose is to allow employees to work with peace of mind and feel the warmth of the extended family. The company sets up rich scientific and technological innovation awards every year, and invests huge sums of money in technological innovation and new product development every year to stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of employees, reduce the overall production cost as much as possible, improve the production efficiency of the enterprise, and strengthen the competitiveness of the enterprise. After decades of development, the company has become a group company that provides customers with complete services including consulting services, design and installation solutions, product support, installation and after-sales services, and its products are sold to Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and the Americas. . No matter where we are, we promise to bring German quality and professional services there to warm thousands of homes around the world!