German high-end brand, we are trustworthy

Germany is a world-renowned industrial powerhouse with very rigorous work thinking. "German brand" is synonymous with quality and credibility

Advanced production equipment, mature production technology

The stability of product quality is the most difficult to achieve. The group invests huge sums of money in technological innovation and new product development every year.

Products strictly comply with industry quality standards

The product quality standards of Germany are the most stringent in the world, the products strictly implement the German DVGW standard, and the quality is strictly controlled.

Perfect production, sales and after-sales service system for customers to enjoy easily

Professional investment budget and return analysis, long-term management and training support and powerful after-sales service to solve customers' worries

Perfect Training System
Perfect Management System
Perfect Service System
Perfect Promotion System
Fingode, a German brand, is a modern large-scale high-end product enterprise integrating design, research and development, production and sales of high-quality HVAC and sanitary products; we have advanced modern production equipment and a number of super-mature processes The fully automatic production line of the company has an industrial park factory production base of 18,000 square meters; the products strictly implement the ISO9001-2000 international quality system certification, a strong design and creation team, and extensive cooperation with relevant scientific research institutions at home and abroad. Achieve innovative breakthroughs in this field and bring the HVAC bathroom product industry to a new height.
Product quality advantages are as follows
Butt-welded double-cross-linked polyethylene aluminum-plastic pipes, using argon arc welding seamless butt technology, the industry's first fully automatic intelligent online inspection of product quality, the whole process of computer analysis and recording of the production quality control process, the product stability rate is much higher than the average level of peers .
Five layers of oxygen-barrier polyethylene plastic pipes, we cleverly place the oxygen-barrier layer in the middle layer to avoid the oxygen-barrier layer being damaged by scratches during production, transportation and installation, and to minimize the entry of air into the pipe. To prevent other metal fittings from rusting, such as boiler end fittings, manifold fittings and pipe copper fittings, etc.
Copper manifolds, we use high-standard copper rod material, precise product design and advanced production technology, and greatly mention the product quality of water separator. Quality is the only standard that makes an enterprise invincible!