Let's look forward to the ISH exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany in 2023

With the gradual coverage of the vaccination rate and the gradual recovery of the market economy, let us look forward to the ISH in 2023...

Under the epidemic, our UAE team went to inspect the construction site in Dubai

One of the very important projects in Dubai this year, we continue to serve projects all over the world with a professional attitude and super-standard product quality...

Visit the International Ceramics and Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition held in Istanbul, Turk(UNICERA)

We hadn't participated in this exhibition with booth show, but we took the form of visiting the exhibition to observe the economic situation, market demand and market trend under the epidemic

Camping weekend of FINGODE Australian Sydney team

Life requires a sense of ritual, life requires a combination of work and rest, and the same is true for our work activities. The picture shows our FINGODE Australian company team camping in the suburb

Daily maintenance of the project, taking pictures of ​the Sheikh Zayed in the UAE under the epidemic

​The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, which was crowded with people in the past, now looks extraordinarily clean, but in turn it shows its solemnity

Celebrating the 28th anniversary of the establishment of the German headquarters, thanks to all

We warm the world with true heart.On the occasion of our 28th anniversary, let us always grow together with a grateful heart

MARCH 11th~15th,ISH (International HVAC, Kitchen and Bathroom) exhibition site in Frankfurt, Germany

In the past few days of the exhibition, our exhibition was full of visitors, our sales engineers were overwhelmed, and the intentional orders signed on the spot exceeded 50 million US dollars...